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From the Block to the Board Room


From the Block to the Boardroom, LLC seeks to create change that lessens the systemic impact that incarceration has on individuals, their families, and communities through activism and individual outreach. Our partners have over 70 years of entrepreneurial excellence combined and a collective vision to:

  • Inspire the formerly incarcerated
  • Encourage at-risk youth
  • Provide guidance for those struggling with employment
  • Open doors to opportunity

We offer workshops, panel discussions, keynote speaking, and coaching engagements covering: 

  • Prison and criminal justice reform
  • Criminal rehabilitation and reentry to society
  • Entrepreneurship and Financial freedom
  • African American voting rights
  • African American leadership

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Share My World


Award-winning Novel

by Tracey Syphax & Detric "Qadiriyyah" Goss

Book Format

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The Phax of Life

One of the most challenging things for me was transforming from a former drug addicted dealer to a legitimate businessman. So much has happened since the first book. It’s about time we go deeper, get more transparent and vulnerable, and explore the areas of my life that I only scratched surface of before. 

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Never let your past dictate your possibilities for the future.
— Tracey D. Syphax

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